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  • PavloVillegas-FWSO
    Latest news
    Pablo plays “brilliantly” with the Forth Worth Symphony
    Pablo “brought down the house”(Fort Worth Star-Telegram) performing Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez at his debut with the Fort Worth Symphony at Bass Hall this past weekend.
  • LMSF
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    The good people’s guitarist
    He considers himself the guitarist of the people. In addition, like olden day heroes that came to the aid of the defenceless, or modern superheroes with extraordinary superpowers, now he is going to earn the nickname of the guitarist of the good people.
  • WQXR-3
    Latest news
    Pablo visits New York’s WQXR
    Villegas came to WQXR on the cusp of a busy season. He's making debuts this year with seven U.S. orchestras, including the Pittsburgh, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Oregon Symphonies.
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Upcoming concerts

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Salvador
  3. San Antonio
  4. San Antonio


Excited to be at tonight's @carnegiehall concert with @LeifOveAndsnes and the Mahler Chamber Orch

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  • video-mwblThe Music Without Borders Legacy+ Expand
    “I’ve always believed in the power of music to erase borders, to go beyond borders and to connect people from any background. Music is an international language, a global language.” - Pablo Villegas
  • recuerdos-de-la-alhambraRecuerdos de la Alhambra+ Expand
    LIVE at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia. Pablo Villegas, Guitar November, 2013


“Pablo Villegas put a warm, beautifully rounded guitar tone at the service of the music.”

The New York Times

“The audience was spellbound, and when the final chord was played it erupted into enthusiastic applause.”

Las Vegas Journal

An “exceptional and gifted performer.”

Revista Classical Guitar

“The beauty of the execution, the musical rigour and the elegance of this young guitarist’s phrasing are those of the chosen few.”

ABC, Spain

“Now I see it clearly. It is obvious, definitive: Pablo Villegas is a seducer, a damn seducer!”

La Rioja, Spain

“You’ve probably never heard a guitarist like this. He’s the most exciting classical guitarist of his generation.”

Press Release, Montana

“Villegas made an evening to be remembered.”

San Francisco Classical Voice, San Francisco

“An astonishing talent took the stage.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The music was delightful and well-played by three crack musicians.”

Washington Post

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la Caixa

The Music Without Borders Legacy

When Pablo is not performing in concert venues, he plays for children around the world, hoping to inspire them through art and music. He is the founder of the Music Without Borders Legacy, a program that has currently brought music to more than 15,000 kids in Spain, Mexico and the United States.

Proud cultural ambassador to: